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American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society

Atoka Lamb - Quality is our Key

At Atoka Lamb, quality is our goal. Since 1992, when we began raising hair sheep by purchasing our foundation flock of St. Croix sheep, we have been focusing on improving the quality of our lambs. To have a wide genetic base, our flock now consists of St. Croix crosses, Romanov, Katahdin, Dorper crosses and pureblooded Dorper ewes and White Dorper rams.

Our ewes are lambing three times in two years and are producing at 175% lamb crop. They are excellent mothers, which makes for trouble-free pasture lambing with very little attention. We cull those with bad bags and bad feet. They are resistant to worms. We have wormed only an occasional ewe in the last 10 years. Our ewe lambs will give you the benefits of breeding out of season, having multiple births, and producing more pounds of lamb per ewe than other breeds.


Why St. Croix Sheep? They are easy to care for!

  • No shearing the wool, (they shed their hair-coat with no help).

  • Sheep tail-docking not necessary.

  • Both sexes polled (No horns).

  • Sheep are outstanding internal parasite resistance.

  • Sheep are docile, not jumpers.

  • Sheep are good flocking instincts.

  • Sheep are good for training herding dogs.

  • Sheep are hoof-rot resistant.

  • Sheep are tolerant to heat and cold.

  • Sheep are fly-strike resistant.

  • Sheep are fine-grained, low fat, mild and tasty meat.

  • Sheep are good for weed control.

  • Sheep are non-selective grazers.

  • Excellent production: St.Croix crosses produces more lamb.

  • Sheep have early puberty.

  • Year-round breeding.

  • They lamb at 12 months.

  • Give good milk production.

  • Ewes are easy birthing.

  • Ewes are attentive mothers.

  • High percentage lambing.

  • Sheep have high survivability.

Lorenz and Nancy Thelen
9229 West Highway 7
Atoka, OK 74525
Home Phone: 580-889-3577
Cell Phone: 480-250-9750

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